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CSR-U-2 (3.5 Ton – 5 Ton) Hard Start Kit

The compressor on your air conditioner system consumes the most power on startup. During A/C startup the compressor consumes about 45,000 watts of power which is about 10 times more power than it uses while it is running. With this burst of power comes a surge of heat that accompanies the electrical current. Thus, it can damage the compressor, terminals, winding and run capacitor. All these are vital components to your ac system. That is when the compressor saver comes into play, it protects these components by significantly reducing the amount of time it takes for your compressor to start. The compressor saver uses a powerful multi-layer starting capacitor with a smart switch to give a sufficient boost to reduce startup time and draws less power which equals to saving money. You will save your compressor from the stress, the strain and heat every time it starts. Add life to your compressor and other electrical components with the Compressor Saver.

  • Compressor Saver (3.5 Ton – 5 Ton) significantly reduces the amount of time your compressor is on high-amp startup.
  • The compressor on your air conditioner consumes more power on startup than any other device in your home.
  • Compressor Saver is a fraction of the cost of replacing a compressor damaged by hard starts. Add Compressor Saver to add years to the life of the compressor and other electrical components.
  • Drawing less power equals to saving more money on your monthly bill.

Key Specifications

Brand CPS
Model Number CSR-U-2
Technical Specs
Brand CPS
Model Number CSR-U-2

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