Air Conditioners

A well-functioning central air conditioning and heating system can make your home feel luxurious, but it shouldn’t come with a steep price tag or high energy bill. After all, it's essential to a healthy home.

Better technology and an increased focus on reducing our environmental footprint has made indoor comfort more accessible without sacrificing quality.

Split central air conditioning (cooling only) and air conditioner heat pump systems both consist of indoor and outdoor units.

Gas furnace systems bundle together a condenser, fan coil and gas furnace. This space-saving design provides high heat in the winter and cool comfort in the summer.

Heat pumps offer the highest efficiency heating and cooling available in central ducted systems. With the addition of an electric heat strip or in dual fuel setup, heat pumps make great choices for all regions – even areas that experience the harshest winters. In a dual fuel configuration, the heat pump provides energy-efficient heating and cooling the majority of the year. A small fuel furnace is used only on the coldest days.

Packaged units are all-in-one central heating and cooling solutions located outside on the roof, in a crawl space or at ground level.